June 13

How To Finance A Car The Smart Way


One of the most common sayings in the car financing business is that you do not plan to buy a car when you are standing in front of a salesman, you plan to buy a vehicle, months in advance because a car is not a commodity which will alter its shape or colour in a few days. You must be prepared to buy that car and make sure that you have gone through all affordability calculators, although they might not be showing you the exact values. Still, they always end up being great estimators of approximate costs. One of the most important things to calculate before buying is a car is deciding how much can you afford per month. People often tend to take in consideration only the money they will be paying to the bank, but that is a grave mistake, you must consider the amount you will be spending as insurance, pollution certificates, yearly servicing costs and petrol. Some car owners buy fancy cars and are uncle to pay for its repairs, so they end up being either in their garage or back on resale at a lower cost.

You should pre-decide on how much do you wish to spend on the car as down payment, insurance, warranty and set that amount aside in a different bank account so that you do not use it up. Budgeting will also help you in getting a clear picture as to how much you will need to reduce or cut out from your monthly income to support this new arrangement. Having a car is like having a baby, you will need to save up for its repairs, its regular servicing and additional costs like depreciation, gas and mild accidents which are not covered in the insurance.


If you keep on the track and save money each month, you will have enough money and discipline for financing a car, and whether you want to buy a new one or you want to get a second hand, saving is key in financing assets. If you go the salesman with an already existing budget and the down payment secured, there is no way that he/she will be able to push you into buying something of a higher range. You can either choose your own financer or get the one which the car company is offering you, either way, make it a point to read all the contact details carefully and only then sign on the document. Always remember that when you are paying an enormous sum as the down payment of the car, you are borrowing less from the bank, so make a concrete decision on how much do you want to pay as monthly instalments.


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