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Getting Approval for Auto Loans After A Bankruptcy

Friday, January 1st, 2010

When you go bankrupt, your credit reputation is destroyed. You are disfranchised and treated like a financial leper. Been able to get auto loans after been bankrupt is quite a herculean task because bankruptcy martyrs your credit reputation.

Getting approval for an auto loan is one of the ways by which you can rebuild you credit score and report after bankruptcy. The problem with auto loans after bankruptcy is been able to get a loan. If you were someone who has gone bankrupt in the past, getting approval for an auto loan would definitely be difficult because most loaners consider granting you a loan to be a high-risk investment. Read More…

An Explanation of Auto Loans After Bankruptcy

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Auto loans after bankruptcy are auto loans offered to those people who have not been lucky enough in organizing their finances and have found themselves broke and they need to own a car. It is tremendously challenging for this person to get the auto loan. Many credit companies would require you to clear your bankruptcy before they give you a loan. They also give you conditions like you must earn certain gross annual income or there may be no repossession in the previous year. In the United States people seeking auto loans after becoming bankrupt must only be citizens and above 18 years. The lenders may need down payment. The amount the credit company may finance is only eight of the monthly income. This will limit the loan the borrower may need. Read More…

Auto Loans After Bankruptcy

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Getting auto loans after bankruptcy is a good move towards rebuilding your credit history. After bankruptcy you can apply for the car financing even the next day and get approved with best rates. To make all the above possible after bankruptcy, you should consider the following advice:

Before you start applying for auto loans, check out your credit report and make sure all your accounts are in order. While looking at your credit report, consider adding information explaining the situation that resulted in your bankruptcy. If there were negligible circumstances, lenders may approve you for a better rate than under normal conditions. So take time improving your credit, and you’ll be assured of getting good loan after bankruptcy. Read More…

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