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Can Average Credit Get You a Good Auto Loan?

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

There is nothing bad about having average credit. Average credit is regarded as anything between 500 and 600 points something which most Americans have today. However even though it is possible to get an auto loan with average credit you are not going to get those low advertised interest rates. Those advertised interest rates are only for people who have good or excellent credit. Read More…

Getting an Auto Loan Even with a Bad Credit Score

Monday, January 18th, 2010

With all those crazy and colorful advertisements running online it has become pretty easy for a person with bad credit to get disoriented and be misled. You will be promised an auto loan online by a pretty and colorful advertisement and then later on find out to your regret that it was yet another dead end. It is not really difficult to find a reliable and legitimate auto loan lending organization; you are just not going to get reliable and legitimate auto loan finance rates for your bad credit with dreamy terms. As a person with a not-so-perfect credit score it would suit you well to know your condition and see through the fancy advertisement to the real terms of agreement to get a legit deal. Read More…

Getting an Auto Loan Even With Bad Credit

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

It is easy for people with bad credit to be misled by various crazy offers on the internet. Some promise an auto loan at unbelievable rates only to find out that they were just out there to con you. Finding a good legitimate auto loan online is not difficult but you are not going to find a legitimate auto loan with terms and rates with are unreliable. As a person with bad credit it pays to know your situation and you should be able to find yourself a legit offer if you know how to look past the fancy marketing campaigns. Read More…

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