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Getting an Auto Loan in Minutes

A few years back, it was commonly seen that the time taken to get an approval (or even a rejection) on the loan quote used to be several weeks. This happened because most of the applications used to go through the car dealerships. The dealers used to transfer them to the lending institutions and the reply also was made directly to the dealer. Many dealers used to keep the answer with them for few days so that they could work out their mark up rate. This meant that the applicant was not only paying a high interest rate but was also getting restricted at applying to a single dealer.

However, things have changed with the introduction of internet into the lending industry. Now, it has become easier to get approved for loans at a reduced rate and in a few hours or even minutes. The reason behind this is that now the borrower gets a chance to directly apply to the auto loan lender and the lender’s answer (and the finances) is directly conveyed to the applicant. Moreover, as the auto loan lender just has to make a credit score check to decide on the rate charged, the entire process can be completed within minutes. The credit bureau considers multiple checks done within a two week period as a single check which makes it easier for borrowers to apply to multiple lenders at once.

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