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Bad Credit Car Loan with Low Income

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

You might think it’s impossible to get an auto loan for bad credit and low income without a cosigner but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  There are many auto financing enterprises that are willing to lend you funds to buy a new or used vehicle even with a bad bureau report.  As you may already know, the first step they take is to look at your FICO rating and if it’s less than 700, you’re ranking is considered bad.  This means you’ll have to produce more paperwork for the lender to qualify for a bad credit car loan. You don’t have to purchase anything that’s below average quality just so can borrow from lenders. There are several different options that you can choose from.

bad credit car loanBankruptcy Car Loans

Even if your personal financial history is scarred, you can still acquire financing from programs that are geared toward people who have defaulted in the past.  A case like this usually involves having a trustee and the person who is assigned this task to analyze your personal financial situation and tell you the best option you have to obtain car finance with bad credit score. You may learn there are many banks and other cash dealing institutions that are willing to offer you a loan. The doors are never closed, though you may think it’s hard to affordable financing. Actually car loans after bankruptcy often come with great low rates.

Auto Loans with Low Income through Car Dealerships

Dealers have their own financing departments that are very skilled at finding the right finance company for you. They have plenty of sources of where you can be approved for a a bad credit car loan with low income.  There are many online lenders who could offer a bad credit auto loan with no money down that work only with the sellers to help the buyers.  They may even know where you can uncover better interest rates and lower monthly payments as well.

Bad Credit Rating Auto Loans

A bad credit car loan can improve your credit score.So what if your bureau isn’t perfect.  There are hundreds of online auto financing sources on the Internet that will let you drive home in a new set of wheels. You might need to some paperwork ready to turn in, including your application. You’ll need things such as proof of income, proof of residency, driver’s license and other identification.

Online Auto Loans

The best thing you can do is go to a site that has a large database of companies that will locate car loan lenders that can meet you unique needs.  These sites can connect you with a network of providers to get competitive quotes from multiple banks, credit unions and other financial businesses. This means it is easy to find the best rates without having to exceed your budget. There are many ways you can obtain what you need.  Just make sure you do some homework before you opt for a loan with poor ratings and low earnings.  Even if you have a low income, you can still find a solution by simply providing proof of income and employment.  There is no reason you shouldn’t be driving the automobile you really want to own. Apply online now for fast approval.

Bad Credit Car Loan Interest Rates Video


Car Loans for Bad Credit People

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

best bad credit car loansYou can find some of the best bad credit car loans online if you are willing to put in a little effort and do a little bit of research.  These types of car loans for bad credit people are categorized as subprime auto loans, meaning that these loans designed for people who have problems maintaining a repayment schedule.  The FICO scores for new or used auto loans like these are anything below a 680 and usually carry with them higher interest rates and stricter guidelines related to the increased risk lenders will take in issuing the financing.  Although some of these car loans were the focal point of the financial crisis that occurred between the years 2006 through 2009; and were all but rendered extinct, they have recently made a comeback because of many banks reporting a favorable increase in repayment of these types of loans from borrowers.

Car Loans and Bad Credit

Many of these banks are now reporting that these bad credit used car auto loans are becoming more and more the norm due to the shaky economy and the need for people to travel to work.  Some of those same people are actually working more than one job which would place and even bigger importance on owning a vehicle.  People with bad credit in the past have realized how important it truly is to make their auto loan payments on time.  As a result, default rates are at an all-time low which has created even more openings for the high risk car loan lenders to get very aggressive again. Both new and used auto loans with low scores are at record high approval rates especially when applying online.

Another reason why banks are now approving these car loans for bad credit is due to the fact that auto prices are also at an all-time high, which many believe to directly relate to the fact that banks are lending more money for automobiles.  Since car prices are higher, lenders feel more confident in reselling it at auction if they end up repossessing the vehicle for nonpayment.  This point is further bolstered due to demand for used car prices having greatly increased in the last few years.

A word of caution though, before you go rushing down to your local dealership to select your new car, make sure you do a bit of research into your own personal financial history just to see how bad things really are. If your score is anything less than 500 points than you might find it hard to get a used car loan bad credit approval because you may be viewed as too high of a risk to get a loan.  You also want to verify that all the claims on your bureau report are accurate.  The company information, date of claim, and amount can all be viewed from your bureau report so in the event that the claim is false, you can report it and get the errors removed. If you were to check your file most likely you are going to find multiple errors that can be easily corrected.

car loans for bad credit peopleOne last step you should take before you begin your car search is to read up on some top bad credit car loan reviews online.  You will gain some valuable insights as to what to expect, what lenders offer the best terms and rates, and where to begin the auto loan application process.  The actual application process is very quick if done online because many lenders will offer a quick pre-qualification process that will show you the interest rate and terms in a matter of minutes.  It may take some time in order to narrow down who you want to use, but the time will be well spent because you will get the best bad credit auto loan you can find.

Get fast same day approval at – 100 % Accepted!

How to Find Low Bad Credit Car Loans Rates

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

You can almost think about the process of getting car loans to be similar to the game of golf; whoever gets the lowest score – in this case that score would be the interest rates you pay on loans – wins! But, on the flip side of the coin, you most definitely don’t feel like a winner in the competition to get a car loan if your bureau score is on the low end of the credit score spectrum. The simple fact is the difference between bad interest rates and a good rate can amount to thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest charges. In some cases these bad rates can increase your monthly payment from fifty to seventy five dollars a month. What we’re getting at here, is it’s great to find low bad credit car loan rates, but it’s not so great to have a bureau score so low that you have to worry about whether or not you’ll get approved for your loan. So what are you to do?

Low Bad Credit Car Loans RatesIt’s time to start feeling better about your prognosis for getting a decent car loan. First let me share with you this simple fact: bad credit today is far different than it was maybe only 5 years ago. The big banks considers bad credit now to be anything below a 700 FICO, whereas just a few years back individuals with a low FICO of 630 or higher could walk into any bank and walk out with an automatic approval at the best available rates. As you can see the definition of bad credit has changed pretty dramatically in a very short time. In many instances you can find a rate for new or used car loans as low as 4 or 5% and that isn’t bad at all. We work with individuals every day – some of whom have very bad credit histories – and we assist these folks in finding financing for the auto loans they need. In this post, we’re going to answer some questions we hear a lot from folks looking for the best bad credit car loans rates. And we’ll tell you the exact steps you can take to find a lender that can help you get a fair car financing package today.

Why Won’t Banks Give Me a Car Loan??

People often think that they can go to their neighborhood bank and walk out with a sweet new or used car loan. After a bit of frustration, though, many people find that their banks simply don’t want to approve car loans for people with damaged credit. It seems unfair, and perhaps is. However, you need to know that the larger financial institutions – banks, captive auto finance companies, etc… – consider people with bad credit to be too “high risk” to lend to. That’s okay, though, because there are other lending companies out there that are staffed with experienced financial pros who actually specialize in helping people with bad credit. We’ll talk more about those types of lenders in just a few minutes…

Can I Really Find Better Bad Credit Car Loans Rates?

People often find that even when they get their auto loans from online lenders that specialize in bad credit auto financing, that they still can’t get interest rates that are as low as they’d like. You can actually do some things to help improve the loan offers that you receive. Here are a few things you might want to try:

Car Loans Online Bad CreditPay off some small loan balances on bank cards or consumer loans.

Become current with any creditors you are behind payments for.

Take some money out of savings and pay off a larger bank card balance, or at least pay it down substantially.

These things can help to raise your low or bad score up a bit. These efforts may not be enough to make your overall personal financial history strong, but even raising your score by a few points can help you to secure a low interest rate on your upcoming car loan.

Getting a Bad Credit Auto Loan after a Bankruptcy

As long as your bankruptcy case is closed, you can pursue a damaged credit auto loans. If you are living life post-bankruptcy, and want to rebuild your personal profile, simply getting an auto loan and making timely payments every month may be just what the doctor ordered.

Isn’t it time you got a better car loan with bad credit?

Be sure to take note of the bad credit car loan application located on this site. Filling it out is your one-way ticket to working with the top lenders in the nation. These lending companies are ready, willing and able to provide car loans – sometime low interest rate car loans to people with bad credit. You won’t get these types of loan offers anywhere else, so be sure to fill out the loan application form for fast processing and approval!


Getting a Car Loan Online – Avoiding Identity Theft

Monday, July 29th, 2013

When you apply for a car loan online it is important to ensure that the online car loan application is safe from identity thieves. Millions of people apply online every day for a new or used car loan with bad credit and never look to see if they are safe or not.

It is especially important to consider your security any time you apply for a loan for a car or line of credit. That being said, if you’re currently looking for bad credit car loans, you should pay special attention to the tips we are going to share with you in this post. Knowing how to keep your identity well protected could help to prevent someone from running wild with your identity and doing even more damage to your already financial rating.

Car Loans Online Bad CreditThe Car Loan Online Application

It’s best to do what you can to maintain a bit of privacy and confidentiality in today’s wired world. We all know that online hackers can have a field day by infecting computers with spyware and other online malware that could actually compromise your online status. But it’s not just the virtual world where you have to watch your back. Any time you fill out a car loan form you run the risk of bad guys stealing your identity and taking out a loan for a car in your name.

Keeping Car Loan Online History Safe

It’s not at all unusual for people to keep digital copies of bills, credit card balances, social security numbers and even birth certificates on their home computers these days. It’s tough enough if you have bad credit and need a car loan without having to worry about someone else screwing up your credit report.

If you must keep sensitive documents on your PC, try to edit them to cover up social security numbers, bank account and credit card account numbers. By taking these additional steps, you’ll know that neither hackers or someone who might steal your computer are able to lift your financial records from your home computer.

How to get a car loan onlineWhat About Applying for Car Loans Online?

Since we make it our business to help people obtain bad credit car loans online, we often hear from people who ask us if it’s safe to apply for car loans or lines of credit online. It’s always in your best interest to consider the online resources you use to submit personal and financial information online. Some sites just aren’t that secure. Fortunately, though, you can submit an online car loan application for bad credit auto loans via this website, while remaining perfectly secure in the process. We go to great lengths to protect your personal data, so you can apply for a car loan without worrying about your personal information being stolen when you use our secure car loan application. It should give you some comfort as well knowing that you can get a car loan with bad credit approved in any state and the interest rates are not bad at all starting as low as 0% on new cars and 6% on a used car. It is true that car loans with a bad FICO score have been this cheap in the last 10 years. Here at we are well aware that high interest rates are bad for your budget and make payments on your car loans a lot higher than they need to be. Any loans you may have with higher rates are bad and should be avoided.

If you’re ready to securely apply for your bad credit car loan right now, you can simply click on the link to our secure online form. This will allow you to get new or used car loan quotes/offers from some of the country’s best lenders. Whether or not you’re going to actually apply for an auto loan right now is up to you. But please make every effort to always keep the tips about identity protection that we shared for you in mind when a situation calls for you to submit your personal information. A bit of vigilance goes a long way in keeping your identity – and your FICO score – safe from theft and damage. Here at we can help you get a car loan with bad credit the very same day.

Car Loan with Bad Credit or No Credit for Getting Your First Car

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Car Loan with Bad CreditIt’s one of those landmark moments in life: Buying your first car! Some of us are old enough to remember a time when purchasing that first vehicle was quite a bit easier than it is today. These days cars are more expensive, insurance rates are higher and don’t even get us started on the price of filling up the gas tank every few days. But there are other challenges that today’s first time car buyers are dealing with, like having bad credit. It’s not pleasant to report this but lots of folks have bad credit these days by the time they are in their late teens to early twenties. With credit card companies sometimes allowing teens to open up accounts at younger and younger ages, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing so many younger people with serious credit problems. And with unemployment and other financial problems still raging on, it’s often difficult for the younger generation to build up strong credit scores. We are going to give you some really good information on how to get a car loan with bad credit or no credit.

The Challenge of Purchasing Your First Car

If you’re looking to purchase your first car on your own, and have less than perfect credit or no credit at all, we have some good news for you today. You see, this post is jam packed with tips and information about bad credit auto loans. Once you learn a bit more about these types of loans, and how to apply for your loan, you’ll be able to decide if a bad credit car loan is the right option for you to take. Please keep in mind, though, that this information is meant for adults only. If you’re not yet 18, you may want to consult with your parents or a trusted adult before you make any decisions about auto financing to purchase your first car…

First Time Car Buyers and Bad Credit Car Loans

If you’re setting out to make that first car purchase on your own, but have already felt the pressure of having a low credit score, you will probably opt to get a bad credit auto loan. These loans are typically provided by either local or online lending companies, not your local bank branch. You should know up-front that traditional banks – the kind where you have a checking or savings account – typically avoid providing car loans to people with bad credit.

No Credit Car Loans need a Cosigner

If you can get your parents or a friend with good credit to act as a cosigner on your first car loan, you m may find that it is much easier to get approved and to get a loan with favorable interest rates. However, you must remember that when someone signs on your loan, you must stay current on your payments. If you don’t, you could cause your cosigner to get in a bit of financial hot water. If you are responsible and can find a cosigner, though, this is a great way to get better auto loan rates. Consider Buying a Used Car While we’d all like to drive the nicest cars, it’s not always a smart idea to get too fancy with your first car. The main thing you probably need is the ability to comfortably get from point A to point B. Try to avoid paying for all the bells and whistles, and instead settle for a more reasonably priced vehicle. You can even get bad credit auto financing on used cars, so that may be an option that you want to consider.

bad credit car loanDo You Need a Down Payment to get a Car Loan with Bad Credit?

Like the earlier tip where we told you to get a cosigner, you will find that it’s easier to get approved for a loan if you put money down on your auto purchase. When you make a big down payment on your vehicle, you end up needing to borrow less. Some car dealers will even offer extra incentives to buyers who can put money down on their new cars. Try to cut out some unnecessary expenses and see if you can save up a few thousand dollars as a down payment for your first car purchase. We know that buying your first car – especially when you have bad credit – is not a walk in the park. If you’re a young adult looking to get your next car loan with less hassles and red tape, we’re here to help. You can fill out the online loan application form on this website to get competitive loan offers from some of the best lenders in the country. With multiple bad credit car loans offers to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect offer to assist you in purchasing that all-important first vehicle you’ve been dreaming of. At we make it easy to buy and finance a car with bad credit or no credit. Just apply online and we will find the right lender for your specific needs.

Car Loan and Bad Credit History Reviews

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you need a car loan and bad credit history reviews stop the approval process. Here at we have great news that you can actually get online car loan with bad credit. We have put together some very helpful advice and tips related to auto loans online bad credit financing.

 Bad Credit Lenders and Car Loans with a Low Credit Score

Car loan and bad credit history reviews“3-4 years ago it got really bad. People even with pretty good credit, pretty good down payments were having a hard time. Banks just didn’t have the money to lend and they were really tight. But today, over the last year, it’s really opened up,” says owner Bill Robertson of Pasco’s Nissan Dealership.

Dealers also say many people just assume their credit is bad, so they don’t try to get financing. They say more people are checking their credit scores than in previous years.

~Low credit might not stop you from getting a car loan – KEPR 19

We hear this same story from hundreds of our customers every day. They don’t realize that actually bad credit car loans interest rates have never been better. Many consumers simply don’t so they don’t know if they have a low credit score or a good credit score. You are entitled to a free credit report once at year. Yes that’s right free as in no costs to you.


Bad Credit Auto Loans Cosigner Lowers Interest Rates

The article explains the value of a cosigner: “…having a cosigner on bad credit auto loans can be the difference between driving off the lot in the vehicle of your dreams, and grabbing the bus home in a continuous vehicle-less nightmare. Lenders like to stake their auto loaning bets on the firm foundation of an excellent credit report. Put simply, a qualified cosigner can provide that foundation for them to make that decision.” Lower interest rates and increased accountability are both benefits of cosigning

~Complete Auto Loans Releases Three Benefits of Cosigning for Bad Credit Auto … – PR Web (press release)

Getting financing for bad credit auto loans will be a lot easier if you have a well qualified cosigner. The best choice for a cosigner is a close family member or relative. Providing your dealer or lender with a solid cosigner can save you thousands of dollars in interest. It is important to understand that if you don’t make your car payments on time the person who signed with you will be expected to repay the loan.


car loans bad credit history bankruptcyCar Loans and Bad Credit History – Bankruptcy

Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves liquidating the debtor’s assets and distributing any proceeds to the unsecured creditors. This type of bankruptcy is typically completed in a matter of months and can only be done every 8 years.

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves establishing a payment schedule that must be followed to successfully complete the bankruptcy – a process that normally takes either three or five years.

Since a Chapter 7 is over fairly quickly while a Chapter 13 takes much longer, there are different rules for each type.

~Get a Car Loan during Bankruptcy – Auto Credit Express (blog)

Bankruptcy auto loans have never been easier. For the first time ever it is possible to get a car loan with bad credit even before the bankruptcy is discharged. This is true in all but about 6 or 7 states. Even some car dealers aren’t aware of this. If you have filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and you have completed the hearing of creditors commonly referred to as the 341 hearing, you are practically guaranteed a new or used car loan. Only in the last year has this changed. Previously you had to wait until you actually had the discharge papers in hand before any lender would even consider approving a loan.

There’s certainly a lot of helpful tips and advice above about car loans bad credit reviews and the process. If you would like more information just click here

Bad Credit Car Loan Preparations Saves Time and Money

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Save money on your next car loanSo what your credit isn’t perfect – that’s about 74% of us. Who hasn’t had a hard time in the last 4 years. That doesn’t mean you can’t finance a new or used car. There are literally hundreds of bad credit car loan lenders just waiting for you to apply. The cost of their money has never been cheaper and they now know that people who have had a little problem are more likely to pay their car loan payments on time like never before just trying to rebuild their credit score.

We got some great advice and tips on getting that car loan below that will make it a much more pleasant buying experience if you follow this advice.

Pre Approval Car Loan With Bad Credit – Things to Consider Before …
Buyers looking forward to obtain pre approved car loan bad credit should be well-versed with what documents they will require providing to lenders for their assessment or verification. Valid driver’s license, bank statements detailing borrower’s savings, credit report, pay stubs, employment proof, etc. are some of the documents which are generally assessed by lender. It is advisable Read More…

The Criteria for a Bad Credit Car Loan

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

A bad credit car loan can improve your credit score.Before you jump into any financial commitment you should always know what the requirements are and a bad credit car loan is certainly no different. Before we get into explaining what the lenders are looking for please understand that it’s just a term used to describe a credit score range and has nothing to do with you as a person or consumer. Generally speaking a bad credit car loan would would have a credit score below 650 based on current lending guidelines. Also please understand it is just as easy to buy a new car as it is a used car. In fact there are manufacturer rebates and dealer cash that can be used as down payment.

The information below is an excellent all around guide for what you can expect.

Get A Car Loan With Bad Credit

The first of these conditions is that your income, and this only applies for regular employees, should be at least $1800. This amount should be the monthly gross income, which is your income total before any deductions. Your gross monthly income and not your net income is what lenders consider, because lenders want to be sure that the vehicle repayment plus its insurance coverage is affordable to you in addition to your other bills.

When it comes to bankruptcies, lenders insist on discharging all Chapter seven bankruptcies, though some lenders give consideration if your 341 meeting has been finished. Make sure you check the lenders in your state as the rates in particular to fluctuate based on state laws. You will have to pay a higher interest at least for about 18 months to 2 years so you can then refinance at a much lower rate. 

Here’s an example below of a local car dealer in Harrisonville MO that offers financing for a car loan with bad credit. Dealers have access to far more lenders who specialize in this area so it is important to check with your local car dealer.

Bad Credit? Get a New Car Loan at Jim Falk Motors – Harrisonville MO
Are you looking for a dependable car but have poor credit? Not sure where to go? Let us help! Before you go to a buy-here-pay-here dealership and get a high mileage vehicle with a high interest rate, educate yourself and … 

You can see how things vary from the more national view of the first article above and down to a more local level with a new car dealer. To ensure you end up with the right dealer just give them a call and ask to speak to the special finance manager. Let them know that you are considering visiting their dealership to possibly buy a car, this will allow you to ask questions about numbers of programs they have to offer.

Now I have a little treat for you. I happen to know this guy and he definitely has a different persona in person when he isn’t Reverend Rob. I hope you like it.

All is not lost and don’t take it personally when you hear getting financing for a bad credit car loan. It is an industry term referring to the lender process. Honestly there has not been a better time to buy in the last 5 years and there are more lenders now willing to finance a car for you than ever before. When you do decide to apply there’s no better way than using the Internet. Typically you can get approved the same day and actually ride home in your brand new car.

We work hard to try and bring you the most current information available for your situation. If this post has helped you or you just enjoyed reading it, thanks Reverend Rob, please share it with your friends and family through our links below.

Bad Credit Car Loans Following Bankruptcy Discharge

Monday, February 13th, 2012

If you have had a bankruptcy discharge in your past, you can still qualify for bad credit car loans that will allow you to own a new or used car, regardless of your previous financial troubles. Bankruptcy is one of the most detrimental acts that you can do when it comes to your credit file. After all, when you file bankruptcy and have your debts discharged, you are basically saying to your creditors that you don’t mind to abandon responsibility and leave them “holding the bag”. But some lenders are willing to overlook your bankruptcy and go ahead with a car loan that allows you to rebuild your credit. You may need a down payment with some lenders; others will not ask for one. The car stands as collateral, so you are able to get the car you need right away. It really is that simple to get a post-bankruptcy car loan from many bad credit loan service providers.

Using Easy Car Loans To Purchase A Car

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

A bad credit score is one of the major impediments when looking for an urgent cash to finance the purchase of your dream car. Most banks may reject your application if they realize that you have a bad credit score. A car pawn loan is among the types of easy car loans that can help you out of that urgency, where your car is used as collateral to give you the money. Read More…

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