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Bad Credit Auto Loans

Bad Credit Auto Loans

Today’s credit and employment crisis has caused many of us to accumulate too much debt. So what happens when you face a difficult family situation, OR medical emergency which requires financing? Such situations often leave you financially challenged. Like how do I repay my loan installments on time? This is a simple example of how we get overloaded with debt and how bad credit comes into the picture. There are hundreds of banks that offer financing for new or used car loans through a program known as Bad Credit Auto Loans. The term bad credit auto loans only means your credit score is below 700.

If you have a bad credit it used to be very difficult to get an auto loan. Examples of poor credit can be due to any of your credit defaults such as slow or late mortgage loan payments, late credit card bill payments etc. Now if you don’t have the cash and want to purchase a car with an auto loan and you have a poor credit rating then it’s not too difficult to get approved for a bad credit auto loan. If you have really bad credit some but not all lenders may charge a slightly higher interest rate. That’s where Auto Loans US can help as all of our lenders specialize in bad credit auto loans even if you have poor credit or no credit rating.

Bad credit auto loans help many good people who otherwise couldn’t obtain financing. You can get a bad credit car loan to purchase either new or used cars. We guarantee a 100% loan application acceptance rate and with lower interest rates. For us your previous credit history report is not so important, so getting approved for a bad credit auto loan with Auto Loans US is easy. You can apply online today for your auto loan and with the help of this loan you can purchase your dream car.

Here is a list of important requirements from most bad credit auto loans lenders you will need to provide once you are approved for an auto loan.

  • Monthly Gross Income of $2000
  • No Repossession in prior 12 months
  • Proof of your current address
  • No Private Party Auto Loans
  • US Resident 18 Years Old

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