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Many people have a perception that in order to make the dreams come true it is essential to work hard and save money. The economy has significantly gone down for the past few years and now it is slowly lifting up. Many new bad credit car loans lenders have popped up providing loan packages for various purposes.

In order to qualify for bad credit car loans, one must have attained the age of18 years and above. The borrower should demonstrate evidence of regular income and their credit history has to be shown also. As a requirement also, they need to have a bank account for purposes of transacting with the lender when it comes to repayments.

Many car dealers like to take the maximum advantage of the buyer home equity. They would at times scrutinize the credit scores of the borrower and for their own uses they may be able to derive all the possible interest rates.

The automobile dealer would train their executives to talk attractively to their customers and make them to buy an automobile. In these cases the customers are made to take car financing decisions emotionally. So the customers have to be very careful in dealing with the guaranteed bad credit car loans.

The lenders will in many settings also provide guaranteed automobile loans to the consumers of low or no credit score. If a person needs a guaranteed car loans and if they are self-employed and unable to prove their income then they can opt to declared income proof by getting certified by an accountant that they current income is sufficient to repay the bad credit car loans and thus satisfy the dealer to get approved.

In general terms the lenders have to take more risk on such car loans. The dealers would charge higher Annual Percentage rate (APR) with the exception of interest rates that can be slashed after a stipulated period of time.

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