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How Can You Avoid Bankruptcy

Financial problems, from high credit card debt to a bad credit rating aren’t necessarily the result of poor money management. Sometimes financial situations beyond our control, such as divorce, death of a spouse, health problems or a change in household income can lead to financial problems or even bankruptcy. Regardless of the cause, financial worry about money problems can impact both your work life and family life.

Many times we don’t see the signs of a financial trouble until it’s too late. But financial crisis or bankruptcy don’t occur overnight. There are several warning signs that indicate debt problems may be getting out of control.

Take this test.

Do you

  • Pay only monthly minimums or miss payments on charge accounts?
  • Consolidate debts by borrowing from a high-interest lender?
  • Depend on overtime or moonlighting to cover monthly bills?
  • Find it impossible to save money?
  • Immediately withdraw money from your savings to cover bills?
  • Panic when faced with an unexpected expense, such as car repairs?
  • Hope that checks you’ve written don’t clear the bank before payday?
  • Borrow from friends and relatives to cover basic expenses?
  • If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be heading for financial trouble or bankruptcy.

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    Our service was created to improve the financial lives of people who have a serious bad credit problem with debt. We drastically
    reduce both the size of the monthly payment needed to retire the existing unsecured debt and the time required to do so. We also teach a method of applying future discretionary funds toward the secured debt with the objective of becoming debt free as soon as possible. We require a serious commitment from our clients toward these goals, and include a comprehensive study course that enables them to understand the principles and practicalities of debt free living.

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