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Bad Credit Auto Loans after Bankruptcy

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Bad credit auto loans after bankruptcy Many people assume that bankruptcy is a harbinger of disaster. However, it’s just not true! Yes, we know how tough it can be post-bankruptcy, but you still have some options available if you are looking for bad credit auto loans after your bankruptcy is discharged. Remember, bankruptcy laws are not bad they are in place to protect you from collectors and to help you create a fresh financial slate. So make sure that you don’t look at your recent bankruptcy as an end, but as a new beginning. You will find that immediately upon discharge you will see so many offers of various loans like home loans and personal loans just be cautious.

Part of your new beginning will revolve around transportation. Let’s face it; you just can’t get around in today’s world without a reliable vehicle. Let’s take a look at some of the most common  after bankruptcy scenarios and what you need to do if you’ve just filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, but still need to find bad credit auto loans or refinancing.

Bad Credit Scenario: You Got to Keep Your Vehicle

Depending upon what type of bankruptcy you filed, you either lost your car or got to keep it. If you got to keep your automobile, you can certainly appreciate the fact that you didn’t lose everything during your financial hardship. However, you may still be a bit behind on your car loans payments and in need of bad credit auto financing to help in your efforts to get and stay current on any loans. Bad credit is temporary and once the slate has been cleaned you certainly don’t want let financial matters get bad again.

Bad Credit Auto Loans if you lost Your Vehicle

Losing your automobile in a dissolution can be very bad for you mental state. However, just because you don’t have a ride right now, that doesn’t mean that you have to go without reliable new or used automobile for long. Some people rush out and buy a clunker for a few hundred dollars after bankruptcy. We don’t recommend that you do that. You would be better served by saving up a few hundred dollars and using that money as down payment on an automobile purchase. You can get a bad credit auto loan to take care of the balance, and work on rebuilding your credit by staying current on your monthly payments. There are hundreds of high risk auto lenders that will approve a bankruptcy car loan for you.

Trading in Your Car & Bad Credit Auto Financing

You may be in a situation where you got to keep your vehicle, but are in need of a new automobile. If you think you’re out of luck, you might be surprised to find out about the wide range of lenders who are willing to help you get the auto loan you need. In fact, we work with a nationwide network of the best auto loans lenders. If you’ll fill out the bad credit auto financing application we have provided for you, we’ll be able to match you up with an auto lending company that is able to give you a reasonable auto loan. And if you use your existing auto as a trade-in, you may be able to get the automobile you’ve been dreaming of and to pay significantly less on your loan. Never underestimate the power of trade-in money when you are looking for a bad credit car loan.

Life after Bankruptcy

bankruptcy car loanThe main thing that we want you to remember is that life does go on after a bankruptcy. You now have the opportunity to take some small steps to rebuild your credit and to establish a solid financial future for yourself and for your family. A car loan may be just what you need to make some regular payments on; so you can begin the process of rebuilding your credit. You can avoid bad interest rates by simply making you payments on time.

To find out what kinds of car loans you qualify for, don’t forget to make use of the free online car loan application form here at We specialize in helping you find the best bad credit car loans from the very best lending companies doing business today.



 Bad Credit Auto Loans


Bad credit auto loans made easy

Friday, September 13th, 2013

bad credit auto loans onlineA bad credit auto loan is a type of specialized high risk auto financing that is intended to help people with bad or poor FICO scores, obtain a car with a loan from a bank or lending institute. These types of loans usually carry with them special financing terms such as higher interest rates that normal auto loans would not have. There are millions of Americans who have fell on hard times at one point in their lives or another and have not been able to pay their bills on time or at all. As a result of this, their debts and late payments get reported to the credit bureaus which in turn have a negative impact on your credit score. Your bad credit score rating is the primary factor that lenders use to determine what kind of terms you might have to pay on a loan. Like most consumers with dings on their bureau report, this can result in high interest rate loans or loan denial. I have seen rates on these loans as low as 4 to 5% so you can see that’s not bad at all. One of the major factors in keeping rates in check is the online submission and approval process.

Bad Credit Auto Loans Rates

Of course, we still need to drive, even if it means having a bad credit auto loan with a high interest rate. When you obtain an auto loan with bad credit, lenders are taking a higher risk with providing you financing so in order to justify the bad credit loan, higher interest rates are almost always the norm. The good news is that special auto loans and bad credit financing is easier to get nowadays due to the current economic conditions that have rendered many people in need of them. If you do obtain financing, then overtime, the bad credit auto loan can turn into a good credit building opportunity. The key to it is to always make your payments on time and eventually your bad credit rating improves. One other thing to consider is most bureau scores are not as bad as you might think. So it’s important to review your personal report on a regular basis. Over 50% of consumers find they can have a number of bad items removed simply by objecting to known errors.

Online Auto Loan Financing

There are several auto loans online that specify their terms and conditions, but you may need to first apply to them and fill out the necessary information such as how much debt you currently have and your monthly income. Do you have to fill out an application? Not necessarily, but it will greatly help you in finding out quickly whether or not you qualify and if you do, what the terms are so you know exactly what you’re getting into in the first place. By filling out an application on a website you can ensure that you will get the best bad credit auto loans online available because it will be specific to your current situation.

Auto Loans Online

Auto Loans Bad Credit Reviews

The best and most efficient method of moving forward in all of this is to begin researching bad credit car loans online or you can simply ask your friends or relatives if they know a good online lender that deals in new or used auto loans. You’ll be surprised with the kind of answers you receive as well as the advice from people that you already trust. The other method that I mentioned is the do some research online. Since you are in a specific category of auto loans, make sure you find lenders that deal in auto loans for bad credit reviews, because some of the more conservative lenders will not offer this option.

Whatever option you take, just make sure that you do fill out the loan application online because this way you can ensure that you will get the best bad credit auto loan available. Most applications only take a few minutes if you are getting pre-qualified for the loan, but in order to get fully approved you may need to provide additional information such as pay stubs and verification of employment. If you do need to provide this additional information after getting pre-approved of the loan, then that is good sign that you are close to getting approved.

 Here is a great video about what some consumers go through to get a new car loan

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Get Auto Loans for Bad Credit Online

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013


Auto Loans Bad Credit

Auto Loans for Bad Credit OnlineUnless you’ve not turned on the TV or logged onto the Internet in recent years, you undoubtedly know that people all over the country have been grappling with locating auto loans for bad credit online. Odds are, you’ve probably faced a few financial challenges yourself; some of them may have been the reason for your FICO score to drop. It’s bad enough to have a low rating, but it becomes even worse when you need to get online auto loans financing to purchase a new vehicle.

We made it our mission long ago to assist people by supplying up to date information for getting online auto loans for bad credit. If you’re struggling for a way to finance that new vehicle purchase, you’ll definitely want to read this entire post to find out all you need to know about bad credit auto loans online.

Avoid Getting Denied for a Car Loans

Checking out the latest models on the local auto dealer inventory online can be very rewarding. Here’s a tip that many consumers forget about: Almost every auto dealer in the country places their entire auto inventory on the Internet. Here’s the real tip – call the dealer and tell him you saw a stock number of a certain vehicle online. Guess what you are going to receive a better price just by telling him you saw the vehicle online. There’s nothing like the thrill of finding that automobile, van, truck or SUV that you know would be the ideal transportation for you, only to get turned down for an auto loan when you’re ready to drive that sweetheart of a ride right out of the showroom. As you know, banks these days just don’t like to provide auto financing to people who have bad or troubled financial histories. But there is an alternative that you can use. We’ll talk about how a bad credit car loan online may be the answer to your prayers in just a moment. Please take note of this… the automobile dealership is no longer the bad guy, he’s actually your best source for bad auto loans.

Common Issues that Lead to Bad Financing Rates

We could literally list dozens of reasons that people end up with lower scores. Here are some of the most frequent for your reference:

Paying less than the agreed amount and late payments on other loans.

Defaulting on a mortgage or other big loans.

Opening too many master or visas or too many bureau inquiries.

Keeping high balances on all of your debts.

Filing for bankruptcy.

All of these things can absolutely wreck your FICO score. If possible, try to pay off some existing debts, and even try closing a few of those accounts once the loans are paid off. These simple steps may lead you down a path for total bad financial history restoration in the very near future. Until then, though, let us give you some information about getting bad credit auto loans online.

auto loans onlineA New Way to Get a Bad Credit Auto Loans Online

Instead of getting denied yet again by the local bank, you may want to try applying for car loans financing right on our website. There are thousands of online auto loans lenders that supply car loans to people with bad credit. In fact, this website is affiliated with a network that contains hundreds of the best auto loans lenders in the country. If you’ll take a minute or two to fill out the online loan application form we have created for you, it just may be the one-way ticket to a great car loan that you’ve been looking for. We’ll submit your loan application to our network, and you may end up with several loan offers from the lenders across the country. After that, it’s a simple matter of comparing the offers and choosing the car loan that works best for you.

Get the Car You Want – Sooner than you thought was possible…

If you like getting fast results in life, you’ll love how quick the auto lenders in our network respond to your new or used car loan requests. You could very well end up driving that dream car of yours home within the next few days, once you get your fast, hassle-free bad credit auto loan via our network of bad credit loans specialists. Things look a much brighter when you’re cruising around in a new, dependable vehicle. And we’re sure you’ll agree that getting an online car loan with bad credit via this website makes it easier than ever to finally purchase the vehicle that you want.

Understanding High Risk Bad Credit Auto Loans

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Let’s face it, the term “high risk” is pretty scary. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting a new insurance policy or looking for car loans with bad credit; if you hear the words “high risk” you know that things are not looking all that much in your favor. We get a lot of questions from people who want to know just what bad credit auto loans are. In an effort to shed some light on this often misunderstood topic we have created today’s informative post. Just keep on reading to find out all you need to know about high risk car loans right now.

High Risk Car Auto Loans: A.K.A Bad Credit Auto LoansHigh Risk Bad Credit Auto Loans

If the high risk moniker scares you a bit, it might help to think of these loans as simple bad credit auto loans. Yes, high risk and bad credit are pretty much synonymous in this case. When traditional lenders find out that you have a low credit score (generally any FICO score less than 700) they consider you to be a higher risk to lend to. So then what happens? Well, many conventional lenders will turn you down flat for a car loan once they find out about your credit problems. Not all lenders will overlook your need for money to buy a new car, though. We work with a huge network of auto loan lenders that specialize in providing loan services to people with poor credit. You can access these lenders to get quotes for an auto loan by filling out the online auto loan application on this website. Think of this application as your direct portal to getting loan offers from some of the top bad credit car loans lenders in the nation…

Important Facts about High Risk Car Loans

Here are some things you should keep in mind when you apply to get a high risk car loan: Not all lenders will give you the same loan offers. You’ll want to compare a few of them to pick the loan that’s best for your needs. Some lenders may offer you shorter term loans than you might expect. It’s in your best interest to choose a shorter 3 year loan instead of a longer term 5 or 6 year car loan. Every lender has their own criteria for approval. If you can be sure to at least have proof of employment and a recent copy of your credit report on hand to help speed up the loan approval process. Applying for your high risk auto loan online is convenient. You can actually apply and get approval without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

bad credit auto loans onlineAre You Looking for Auto Loans Online Financing

Now is the time to get cracking if you’re in need of a car loan with bad credit. You’ll get fast approval and response from several of the best auto loans lenders in the country immediately after you fill out the loan application form on this website. Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to find out more about high risk bad credit auto loans. We hope that you now feel better able to make the right decision about how to finance your upcoming vehicle purchase. You can get approved for a new or used auto loan with bad credit right now with our free online auto loan application.

Bad Credit Auto Loans Online Financing : What are your options?

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

We all love having options especially if your credit score isn’t the best. We are going to show you how to get new or used car loans with bad credit online. You might be surprised to find out that you really do have a few options when the time comes to get a bad credit car loan.

bad credit auto loans onlineThe SCARY News about Bad Credit Auto Loans

We all know how the mainstream media likes to scare people about their finances. So we just had to dedicate a small section of this post to some of the scary stuff that you’ll often hear people talking about in regard to bad credit auto financing. Here are just a few of the things you might hear floating around on various websites or from your friends :

It’s impossible to get bad credit car loans without a large down payment. Not true. There are any number of auto lenders who offer no money down financing.

You can’t get bad credit auto loans online without paying tons of additional fees. There are never any additional fees on any car loan programs we offer.

All car loans for bad credit borrowers are super-high interest rate loans. Absolutely untrue, there are ton of auto finance loan programs with rates starting as low as 0%.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about buying and financing a  new or used car online. As is usually the case not everything you hear about car loans with bad credit is necessarily doom and gloom.

Car Dealership Bad Credit Auto Financing

A lot of people choose to let the car dealership provide auto financing for their car purchases. Many dealerships allow people with the worst credit scores to buy and finance a new or used vehicle that they never thought was possible. What many people are surprised to learn is car dealer financing could be your best choice when it comes to auto loans for bad credit. There are many bad credit lenders who look for ways to say yes. Financing provided by a car dealer has become the number one source of financing for bad credit auto loans.

bad credit auto loans onlineAnother Way to Get Your Car Loan

The latest way to get a good car loan with bad credit is to go online to find a lender. People love doing business online, as it eliminates time wasting hassles that you face when dealing with a local bank. Online auto loans provide fast confidential approvals for new and used car loans. This is where comes into the equation. If you’ve been struggling with how to get a car loan with bad credit, we are going to make it easy. Just two minutes to complete our online auto loan application and you will be on your way to getting the car loan deserve. Consider all your options when the time comes to buy your next car. If you need car financing for bad credit can get you approved today.

Great News for Bad Credit Auto Loans

Friday, September 21st, 2012

If you happen to be in the 73% of Americans who require bad credit auto loans to purchase a new car, you will get some great news below. Auto Loans for Bad Credit are being Approved Again

There are hundreds of thousands of people all across the US who couldn’t get financing to buy a car during the last 4+ years and this information below confirms what we are already hearing across the country.

This new auto loan industry report applies both new and used car loans. So if you have been putting off buying a new or used car, the time is right!


Report Shows Auto Loan Industry Will Continue to Rise
Equifax and Moody’s Analytics joined together in a study of new U.S. consumer credit data from, and believe the auto market will continue its healthy rise throughout 2012, according to a press release. “After spending recent years in financial doldrums, U.S. consumers are poised to make a comeback in 2012,” said Equifax Chief Economist Amy Crews Cutts. “The most promise we have seen has primarily been within the consumer spending and auto financing sector.” Since the auto industry bailout, the nation’s largest car manufacturers have vastly improved. Auto loan originations have soared, and the delinquency rate is amongst the lowest when compared to other types of financing. Car loans have been demanded and been paid back with such efficiency that the average interest rate recently dropped to a four-year record low.  Equifax and Moody’s believe the 27 percent increase in demand for car loans demonstrates momentum that will yield positive results through 2012. Demand has grown because the auto industry continues to provide supply—something that’s grown more and more uncommon in the lending world. Foreclosure, default, lost jobs, and underemployment have all negatively impacted credit scores, but the auto loan industry sees those factors for what they really are: uncontrollable. As a result, they have relaxed their lending standards and ventured into the world of subprime lending, which hasn’t been seen since the real estate boom of the early 2000’s. By disregarding credit scores—or at least approving auto loans to those with lower-than-acceptable scores—the auto loan industry has successfully bolstered and propelled their market to the forefront of the lending world. 

Equifax and Moody’s are the best sources for what is really happening when it comes to auto loans. Now below you are going to find out about something that just might have you out looking for that new car tomorrow.

Auto Loan Down Payments with Bad Credit
Car buyers with less than perfect credit often view a down payment as either a stumbling block or a necessary evil. But the fact is that putting money down also has its advantages.  

Overall this is fantastic news. Not only are the banks aggressively buying but you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to down payment. Check it out below:

I personally know many people who weren’t able to buy a new car over the last 4 years so this couldn’t be better news for them. They will all be reading this new exciting information and I expect someone will be shopping for a new tomorrow.

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What To Do If You Are Turned Down For Bad Credit Auto Loans

Friday, February 17th, 2012

If walking everywhere you need to go – or worse yet, bumming a ride, is getting to be a real “drag”, then you should consider applying for bad credit auto loans so that you can buy your own set of wheels. Getting approved for a bad credit auto loan is not as hard as you think, and most folks can qualify as long as they have sufficient income to pay the monthly payments. Keep in mind that most bad credit auto loans will cost more than auto loans for those folks with good credit, but that is due to the increased risk that the lender takes when dealing with a borrower who has less than perfect credit. To apply for a bad credit auto loan, a would-be borrower must submit to a credit application, provide proof of income and proof of residence, and fill out any paperwork required by the lender. Online lenders offer a streamlined application process that is simple to undergo and can be completed in just minutes.

Types Of Bad Credit Auto Loans To Consider

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

When applying for bad credit auto loans, there are two main types to consider. The first of these is a personal loan that is written out without any collateral on your behalf. Your word and the title to the car is used to guarantee the loan. The other type is a bad credit auto loan that is guaranteed not just by the car’s title and your word, but also by the signature of a creditworthy cosigner. This can be your parent, friend, sister, aunt, or anyone who trusts you and believes that you will repay the bad credit loan servicer for the money that is extended to you to buy the car. Not everyone is comfortable with cosigning a loan for someone with bad credit, which means that it is oftentimes hard to find a cosigner to go the loan with you. Nonetheless, if you can find someone who is willing to cosign for you, then you can enjoy a lower rate of interest than you would with just a basic bad credit auto loan.

What Are No Credit Check Auto Loans?

Friday, February 10th, 2012

The no credit check auto loan is becoming popular among bad credit borrowers. As the name suggests, you don’t have to have great credit in order to qualify for this type of loan. These auto loans that are granted regardless of credit and without a credit inquiry are often written out by the actual car dealership that sells the car. Typically, all that you will need for an auto loan without a credit check is a valid form of identification (like your driver’s license) and proof of your income. Some major car dealerships offer these types of loans, but mostly it is the “buy here, pay here” type of car lot that will let you drive off with the car you want without checking your credit history. This can be a great way to put the bad credit driver behind the wheel of the car they need. On the downside, however, your credit performance on this type of auto loan is usually not reported to the credit bureaus, so this loan will not improve your credit ranking.

Learning the Intermediate Lessons of Auto Loans

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Financing is the amount of money that people loan to others so they can cover large purchases. An auto loan is a particular type of loan that allows borrowers to purchase automobiles. To make sure they can get their money back, the lenders use a system that rates your trustworthiness. This is called a credit score or credit rating. Like your reputation, a good history means that you’re a reliable person, and a bad rating means you might be a risky person to lend to. Bad credit scores use to be a “nail in the coffin,” and you would have never been able to attain funds. However, the advent of the special finance industry means that you’ll be able to get an auto loan, even if you’ve had a rought financial past. Read More…

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