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Are Bad Credit Auto Loans Real?

It is a known truth that the financing industry lives by the credit score. Because of this if someone comes across advertisements like auto loans without credit check on internet then these are considered as fraudulent. However, bad credit auto loans have been introduced to help people whose credit score is below the acceptable mark. But as the risk involved (for the financier) is higher, the interest rate charged on these loans is also high.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t scammers which take advantage of the desperation of bad credit borrowers and fraud them. There are several ways in which one can check whether the loan facilities are real or scams. Firstly, if a lender promises outrageous services like really low interest for a down payment, then chances are that the website is a fraud. This is because down payments are compulsory in most of the bad credit auto loans and the interest rate charged is still higher than that of conventional loans.

If the lender doesn’t make any promise regarding how much time it would take to get the approval/rejection letter, then chances are that it is scam. This is because the normal time taken by lenders to check the credit score and judge what sort of interest rate should be charged takes less than half an hour. A delay of few hours can be understood in case of server issues but indefinite wait should be avoided.

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